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  • Katie Datre

Katie's Favorite Things: Summer Musts!

Summer is officially here and I couldn't be more excited! This is my favorite season (with fall a close second). I wanted to share with you some of my favorite things to do throughout summer and my plans to make this the BEST. SUMMER. EVER.

1- Having ME time

I know, I know... being an entrepreneur, a wife and a mom of 3 beautiful boys it is hard to find the time for myself. Everyone has their own 'busy' life, but it is SO important that you find time to yourself. Read a good book, go for a walk, or have your quiet morning coffee. Whatever makes you relax and brings you back to focus on your happiness is the most important thing you can do for yourself. For me, I like my shows in the evening (I mean -grey's anatomy is life!) and a nice hot bath. For this summer, I am going to try and carve out a little more me time by taking at least one spa day to just get away and relax. Sounds nice, right?

2- Get your toes in the sand

There is nothing sweeter than my toes in the sand, the waves crashing in, the sounds of my wild boys playing, and a nice cold beverage in hand. Last year I worked for someone instead of working for myself and was not able to take a vacation. I am so stoked because I am taking a whole week to go to the beach. This summer will be my littlest, Matthew, first time at the beach and I am so. freaking. excited! Can't wait for some quality family time! Make sure you take that time off to rejuvenate. You will come back more focused and driven then ever.

3- Big ole slice of watermelon

Ever since I was a little girl my favorite things about summer is getting a big slice of juicy watermelon (with salt of coarse). It one of my favorite memories and one that I now share with my boys!

4- Protect your hair

You knew I was going to say it! The sun, the chlorine, the salt... so much can damage your hair!

Sun: Aveda offers a sun protecting spray that will protect your hair from fading, however I highly recommend wearing a hat! Nothing is going to help your color from fading then covering it up. Plus, it will keep the sun off that beautiful face of yours! Win, win!

Chlorine: Please, please, please wet your hair inside and add conditioner (do not rinse) before going into the pool. This will act as a barrier so your hair doesn't soak up all the nasty chlorine that makes your hair dry and brittle. If you happen to forget, a clarifying or detox shampoo will take care of it! Kevin Murphy makes a great detox shampoo and Kenra makes both a clarifying and detox. Detox is a little more gentle, so color lovers... this one is for you!

Salt: Salt it not the worst thing is the world, but I have found it can be very drying. Use something hydrating. Preferably, a masque! Let's re-hydrate what the salt is taking out!

5- Don't miss the fireworks

Every July 4th I get so excited for fireworks! I am a sucker for watching fireworks with my handsome hubby by my side. I know, I am lover for some romance! But they are magical! Growing up of Lake Norman I have been spoiled with sitting out on the lake with fireworks going off all around. It's incredible and I love the look on my boys sweet faces!

6- Sweet Family Time

The boys are out of school and it's a lot easier to find time for our sweet family. This summer I am going to do everything in my power to make as many family memories as possible. From beach days to little day trips to play ball in the backyard. I am oh-so-excited to make all these memories with my family and I hope you do the same - trust me, you won't regret it!

There you have it- some of my favorite things to do this summer! Get outside and enjoy this time!

Sending my love,