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Professional Vs. Drugstore Products

This is the question I get asked all the time or my clients complain about dry, brittle hair and my first question is what products are you using? So I thought I would go ahead and give you all the details on the difference between professional and drugstore products and let you be the judge.


Yes, these products are cheaper. Yes, they make your hair feel soft and silky (for a little while). I hear you. I get it. The truth is drugstore products temporarily make your hair feel super soft, but what it is actually doing is leaving a waxy build-up making it tangle easy, and also making it hard for good quality products and hair color to fully penetrate the hair cuticle.

These products are created with small amount of high grade ingredients and large amount of fillers including chemicals that can strip your hair of its natural oils -- jaw drop? yep, mine too! So, step away from the Pantene!


This option is a little more pricey. Running on average between $20-$40 for shampoo and conditioner. But hear me out...

Professional products contain large amount of high grade ingredients without all the nasty fillers! With such a high concentration you are able to use less product with each use. Not to mention, your hair will not have a wax build up allowing for better hair color results, easier to brush, and a more beautiful styling results. Sounds amazing right? It is!

Now, what about those professional products you see and drugstores? It has been said that the manufactures put those products at big box stores after they have been sitting for a while and are close to expiring or have already expired. Some of the professional products have listed in fine print that the quality may not be the same as in a salon! What?!?! That's crazy! So, if you are going to go with the professional option I would highly recommend purchasing from your local salon.

So, what do you do if you are currently using drugstore products how do you get rid of the waxy build up on your hair? Simple, next time you get your hair cut or colored ask for a clarifying or detox shampoo. This is get rid of the stubborn wax build up and allows you to start over using those high grade professional products! Super easy!

I hope you found this informative and will help guide you to what products are best! I can't wait to hear all the transition stories on what products you have switched to, how your hair feels and more!!

Sending my love,