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Professional vs. Box Color

Updated: Jul 30, 2018

Hey my loves! I have been getting a ton of questions about box color lately. Should I use it? Why is my color not the same as the box? and so on. So-- It's time for me to lay it all out there for ya'll and give you the details!

-Everyone does NOT have the same hair

I think of box color as treating each client the same. Whether you are going dark brown or a soft blonde, all developers (the color activator) are all the same and that is freaking scary!

As a professional, I use different developers: demi, 10 volume. 20 volume, 30 volume, and 40 volume to achieve your desired look. All of these developers give you a different amount of lift, deposit, and grey coverage. Using the same developer for everyone can result in unwanted results or even damaged hair. Who wants that? Umm- not me!

- So many types of color! What does it all mean?

In the hair color world there are 3 types of color: demi, semi, and permanent. Many box colors CLAIM they will wash out, but what I see most often is it doesn't. Big shock ehh?

It's important to realize that no color really washes out completely. You will never hear me say a color will wash out, however it will fade to blend with your natural and as a professional I get the color super accurate by using the right developer and shade. It all goes back to being able to customize each color. Sound good, right?

-The application process

Knowing box color comes with an applicator bottle makes me cringe! You will never see me use a bottle for anything accept toners (on occasion).

Yes, it makes the process easier, but you are probably getting the color where it isn't needed and missing places that are crucial. I can't tell you many times I see big chunks off hair that is missing especially in the back. Sometimes noticeable when the hair is up! Yikes!

If you are currently using box color (especially dark color) take the ends of your hair and place them at your root. Are they the same color? Probably not. What you will more than likely see is your root area being a shade or two lighter and this is a result of your ends having layers and layers of color and unfortunately not the easiest to correct.

-You will not look like the celebrity on the box

You know I had to say it! Do you think these celebrities use box color?

Let's get real.. umm no!

-If you switch it may not be easy

Depending on how long you have been using box color and the condition and length of your hair it may be a lengthy (and pricey) transition. But trust me it's well worth it!

Each client and situation is different. I would recommend calling and making a consultation to discuss what it's going to take and the amount it will cost!

So there you have it-- all you need to know about box color and why stylist like myself strong urge you to say no!!

Sending my love,