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Making Lemonade Out of Lemons

This blog post gets super personal for me. It may be a little too much information for you and that's okay! But I have got to talk about it and let some of you know you are not alone. There is so much pressure in this world: having the perfect body, getting married by a certain age, having children at the perfect age, wearing the right outfits, making a certain amount of money, blah blah blah... All I can say is to hell with all of that -- and not in a bitter way. This month, September 5th to be exact, will be my 1 year anniversary of the biggest, scariest change in my life. My hysterectomy. I want to share with you the ups and down of this crazy past year and how our family has made lemonade out of some sour lemons!

The Lemon: Pre-Cancer cells in my cervix

On September 5 (the day after my 28th birthday) I had a hysterectomy because of some super stubborn per-cancerous cells that would not go away! While pregnant my pap came back abnormal, but there was nothing that could be done because of pregnancy so all I could do was wait. After sweet little Matthew was born I had my follow up and the result came back more severe, so a LEEP procedure was performed in office. Unfortunately, it was not successful. At that point, after 9 months of pregnancy and months of tests and procedures, I asked my wonderful doctor when is enough because it felt like a dagger over my head just waiting to drop. A hysterectomy was schedule and as I look back it was the best decision ever made.

How I made Lemonade:

Here I was, a 28 year old woman, no longer feeling like a women. It's hard to explain the feeling but I just felt hallow. A ton of women experience depression after a hysterectomy and I was determine not to! So I wrote down the reason why a hysterectomy is awesome and not focus on the negative:

1. No more dealing with the monthly visitor! Good-bye, you will never be missed. Ever.

2. No more hormonal roller coaster! My husband, Greg, is oh-so-thankful!

3. No more feminine products. Hello, more money for champagne. Cheers!

4. No more pre-cancerous cells! This makes it all worth it!

The Lemon: Lost my job

Yep, it happened. I lost my job last August working for a high-end salon and I was panicking, hurt, confused, and lost all at the same time! What the heck do I do? I have a family to take care of and bills to pay.

How I made Lemonade:

Took a leap and started Katie Datre Artistry. And let me tell you... it's the best thing I have ever done! Everyone has lost a job at some point. If you are going through this type of hardship reach out to someone. There is nothing better than a support system of good friends! You got this.

The Lemon: Liam, my oldest son, broke is femur in half!

You read that right! Snapped is leg in half. As a mom of 3 boys its all about sports, motor sports, video games and what tools they can use in the garage. On a beautiful October day, Liam crashed his go kart. And just like that, panic and quick thinking took over my husband and I as we rushed him to the hospital. He ended up getting transferred to Levine's Children's Hospital where he had surgery to place rods in his leg. He ended up being in a wheel chair for a couple months then using a walker. Needless to say, it was a lifestyle change for sure!

How we made lemonade:

Throughout the fall there are so many activities and being in a wheelchair can change a lot of things and how you experience them. We made a ramp, learned the easiest way for him to take a shower, how to get him dressed, and so on. The one thing we didn't want for him is to miss out on Halloween and all the fun things fall has to offer. Even though he broke is leg we wanted him to experience all the activities! Greg ended up making a bad-ass Halloween costume that was so freaking awesome! It was the best way to make the most out of a bum situation. Always keep it positive, it's the best way to live!

The Lemon: Body changes after my hysterectomy

This has been an adjustment for me for sure. Before, I was always around a size 6/8 and now I am a size 11. Regardless of what size you start out, gaining and going up sizes is almost never going to build self esteem. The internal struggle was and still is so real! But I'm choosing happiness and working everyday towards a more positive me.

How I made Lemonade:

I stopped comparing myself to others. This is huge! The biggest thing I tell clients: You do you! My first priority was to learn how to love myself first and foremost. Now, I have joined Burn Bootcamp for their 6 weeks to fit Challenge and I am ready!

This may sound really strange or even looked upon as conceded, but I tell myself regularly:

1. I am strong

2. I am a good mother

3. I am a good wife

4. I am 29 and fine!

Words are a powerful thing! The phrase, "Sticks and stone may break my bones, but words will never hurt me," is a load of crap. These things I tell myself may not always be true because none of us are perfect, not even close. But you have to love yourself. If you are struggling with self esteem and self love, come up with at least 4 positive things to tell yourself. You can do it! Always know, you have a friend in me! Reach out if you're feeling down because I got you, girlfriend!

This year has been nuts! No matter what you are going through you are not alone! Make the most of your life! You are strong. You are worthy. You are enough.

Sending my love,