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Updated: Mar 11, 2018

Have you always wondered what brushes you need to help you achieve your desired look? Wait no longer!!! From wet hair to styling dry hair I am going to lay it all out. Can I get an AMEN?

IN THE SHOWER: Wide tooth comb

I love to use a wide tooth comb made by Wet Brush [ yes, I know it is not a brush ]. This comb is absolutely AMAZING! I use this comb when I am combing conditioner and hair masks through the hair. Especially if you have long and/or thick hair this guarantees that every hair strand is getting the nourishment it needs. I may take you an extra minute, but you will be able to have long gorgeous hair that is HEALTHY! How awesome is that?!?

I have found these at Sally's, Target, and Walgreens for $4.99. Totally worth it!


This has totally changes the hair industry! We were always taught not to brush wet hair because it was too harsh on the hair, but with this fairly new technology it very gentle AND takes less time. How freaking amazing it that?!?

A ton of stores carry these: Walmart, Target, Sally's etc. Prices ranging from $10-$14.

This us a game changer! Make the purchase... you will be amazed!

BLOWDRYING: Ionic round brush

I LOVE an ionic round brush! Olivia Garden and Bio Ionic make great brushes I use on a daily basis. These vented ceramic brushes help smooth the hair while drying it faster with more consistent styling. My blow-outs have become A THOUSAND times better since switching to these brushes. You will be able to replicate the in-salon look easier if you have the right tools!

I have found these at Ulta and Khols for $20-$37

A little pricey I know, but holy moly the results are incredible!

STLYING: Small teasing brush

How many of you are still a believer in teasing? I know I am! That doesn't mean your hair is going to be as big as Texas, but just a little in the crown area can make a world of difference and keep your style lasting longer. This is the one brush I never go anywhere without. It takes any look to the next level! There are a couple of brands I like: Revlon Moonlight, Sponette Little Woner, and Cricket Amped Up are all great brands.

I have found these at Ulta and Sally's from $3-$6. Not bad right?

I use these 4 tools to style my hair and my client's hair everyday. Make the small investment because your hair will love you. Trust me. I am a firm believer you get what you pay for and getting these tools will take your hair game to the next level. Who doesn't want that?!?

Hope you have found this information useful!

Sending my love-