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From Blonde to Brunette

There is so much hype around what it take to go blonde, but not much is discussed about going from blonde to brunette and with the fall season I think it's about time we talk about it.

Depending on how dark you want to go depends on the steps it takes to get you there. I can't tell you enough how many times I've had to fix hair that is muddy or even green looking. That is the results if the proper steps aren't taken. Trust me, its the worth the extra money and time for your hair to not look like swamp water! Ew, gross!

The Filler

When you go blonde you are pulling out all the underline pigment in your hair, so when you go dark you have to put that back into your hair with what we call a filler! A filler service can be performed in 2 ways: At the bowl with towel dried hair or at the chair. Either way it has the same principal and will work the same.

Think of it like painting a wall. The filler is your first coat! This will insure that all of your hair is even from roots and ends while filling in all of those pigments that were stripped when going blonde. This service is around the same price and length of time of a regular color service. The filler has to be applied, time to process, then blow-dry. Yes... it takes some time, but trust me it will result in some gorgeous locks!!


Again, depending on how drastic you are going depends on the amount it fades. Just like painting a wall! Sometime 2 coats will do the trick and sometime it takes more! Be prepared! Even with a filler it may fade. To help from fading you need: good products, to wear a hat, and stay out of chlorine! I know, it can be so much freaking work sometimes, but good things are cheap or easy unfortunately.

Flip Flopping

So many many flip flop to extremely blonde in the summer and extremely brunette in the winter. Just remember the toll you are taking on your hair, because the struggle may be all too real when you are ready to go back blonde. Check out my blog, Blonde Business, to make sure going blonde or brunette is right for you! Please keep in mind the integrity of your hair is the first priority. Beautiful hair is healthy hair!

Hope this has helped in making a decision on you fall color!

Sending my love,