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Updated: Mar 11, 2018

Happy March! Spring is just around the corner and I am SO ready! This time of year is the time most brunettes are adding highlights, blondes are going brighter, and some are going for an overall blonde bombshell look. This hair season is one of my FAVS!

In this post we are going to go over:

- Process to getting to your desired shade

- The concept of toners

- At home hair care

- Maintaining the look

I know, I know... you're like FINALLY! So I am here to give you all the dets.

Most of you know sometimes it takes a while to go blonde, but I am ready to dive in and give you all you need to know [good and bad] about what it really takes to have success as a blonde! Who's ready?!?


Virgin Hair -

This is when your hair as absolutely NO color. This is rare, but so amazing!

Depending on how dark your hair is naturally and how light your desired look is, you should be able to achieve your look in one visit. At most two. Real talk: If your hair is almost black and you want icy blonde it may take a few more sessions. Hair integrity is most important!

Previously Lightened Hair -

If your hair is previously lightened you are on your way to exactly what you want. Depending on what you currently have on your hair, how light your hair already is, and your desired look, it is quite possible to achieve your look in one visit! Your stylist can tell you the best way to get your result while keeping the integrity of your hair. But having previously lightened hair is fabulous to start your journey to becoming a blonde bombshell!!

Previously Colored Hair -

Now, this is when it gets tricky. Most of the time is takes 2, 3, sometimes even 4 sessions to get the color lifted from your hair. Yes, you read that right! The darker the previous color, the more sessions it will take to go blonde. Another thing to remember: When you continue to color your hair dark over and over it builds up layers on your hair shaft. That is a pain to lift through... like for real!

REAL TALK: Be prepared to be orange for a bit. In order to keep the integrity of your hair you have to go through the proper steps. Trust the process!


Toners are a MUST!! Everyone has underline pigment [red, orange, yellow]. A toner will cancel out these unwanted tones, no matter how light or darker the color. Toners are a game changer and can take your hair to the next level!


As much work and money as it takes to get blonde, it is as much work to maintain at home care. First and foremost, purple shampoo and conditioner are non-negotiable to maintaining your look. This hair care product cancels out any unwanted tones as the toner fades. In addition to the shampoo and conditioner I highly recommend a mask to add moisture and protein to the hair that lightening takes out. This will be the difference in pretty hair and freaking fabulous hair! Who doesn't want that?!?!


Now that you have reached your desired shade, purchased your at home hair care products, now comes the maintenance.

Traditional highlights -

Every 4-6 weeks is highly recommended. Hair grows about a half an inch a month. Doesn't seem like much right? But when your hair is parted you will have a half an inch on either side of the part time resulting in one inch. HOLY SMOKES! That can look like a lot!! Especially if you have dark hair and there is a big contrast.


A ton of people are now wanting this hair painting technique. You will not get heavy amount of blonde at your root with this technique, however it is less maintenance. I recommend no more then 10-12 weeks between touch-ups . Any longer it will start to look drab... and we want FAB!

CAN YOU SAY COMMITMENT?!? But - totally worth it if you are ready!

Being a blonde takes time, money and patience. Really know what you are getting into before you make the leap to becoming that bombshell blonde!!

I hope you found this useful!

Sending my love,