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Updated: Jun 27, 2018

Most of the time you hear the phrase, "It has always been my passion" or "I always knew". Well, this is true for me, BUTTTT it didn't happen quite so easily -- at all.

When I was around 10 (definitely guestimating), I found my very first mannequin head and I was OBSESSED... and I don't say that lightly! I would create up-dos over and over until my hands hurt or the hair was completely fried. Then, I processed to try some funky cuts and I mean F-U-NKY until they were no longer usable. My mom saw my passion and started rewarding me with mannequin heads for good report cards and I even got one from Santa! As a mom, looking back I think my mom was a genuis! Spend $40 and gets hours upon hours of quiet time and I wasn't in front of a screen. I say that is a win in the parenting phase of life!

That went on for years until I got tired of the mannequin heads and started doing hair and make-up on my friends in high school. My best friend would come over after school and I would practice, even doing hair for homecoming! After all of that... it never occurred to me to go to cosmetology school. I know, I know... you're like what? why?

I always felt my family expected me to go to college, like I had no other choice. Years later I realize it was all in my head. So, from high school I went off to a great college - UNC Charlotte. I was living the life! I was young, in a sorority, and dating my first love, Josh. Life was pretty good. But I always felt something was missing. Then my junior year...

*drum roll please*

I got pregnant. Yep, pregnant. Here I was, a 20 year old, young adult without a career, student loans out the ass, and life as I knew it flipped upside down. And what did I decide to do? Drop out of college. Yep. Best decision ever. Not really.

I continued as a waitress while pregnant, saving up every penny I made. Focusing on the only thing that mattered. Becoming a mother and making it work with Josh the best I could. On October 28, 2010 our beautiful baby boy, Carter, was born at 9 lb. 4oz. Yep, he was huge!

That first year I focused on being the best mom I could be, but the reality is I was a 21 year old mother, working as a waitress not even making ends meet. It was hard, kick you in your ass, freaking HARD! Then 6 days before Carter's first birthday my world turned upside down AGAIN...

On October, 22 2011- Josh was in a fatal car accident. Sadness, anger, and pain flooded me. I had not only lost the only guy I had ever truly loved, but my son lost his father. The feeling is not something that can be explained, but as the next few months passed. I grieved. Sometimes not getting out of bed, or not changing out my pajamas for days at a time. I was wrecked.

Suddenly on a random day near the end of May - beginning of June, I sat up so fast on the couch and asked my self, "What in the hell are you doing"? I have a beautiful 18 month old boy, I am young and I deserve to be happy. I am WORTHY!! I literally grabbed my computer, looked up the local cosmetology school, and called. By the end of the week I was enrolled to start the middle of June 2012!

When I went to tell my mom, she said finally!!!! I'm like what? Are you feeling okay? I knew then that being expected to go to college was all in my head. Yes, every parent would be proud for their child to go to college. But its every parents dream for their child to be happy!! It wasn't until I had faith in myself and I took control of what I wanted that I really believed that I am worthy and I am enough.

Everyone has their story. Don't compare your life to others, we are all on different paths. Trust me... mine was a bit rocky, obviously! Just please know you are worthy, you deserve to be happy, and you have the power to create your own path in life.

I hope this inspires you and you realize you can over come any obstacle. Please leave me some love in the comments, or even share with your friend.

Cheers to you and your journey!

Sending my love,