Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between gray coverage & gray blending?

What is the recommended maintenance?

Gray coverage will cover your gray completely without any gray being shown as your final result. Maintenance recommendation is 4-6 weeks.

Gray blending will blend your gray not cover it. I usually like to achieve this by adding highlights, lowlights, or both.  This will give you a softer grow out process. Maintenance recommendation is 6-8 weeks.

Gray Coverage: 4 - 6 weeks

Gray Blending: 6 - 8 weeks

Highlights: 6 - 8 weeks

Balayage: 10 - 14 weeks

Tone, Treat, Style: 4 - 6 weeks

What is a toner? Do you need one?

A toner changes the actual tone of the hair.  This service is usually used during the blonding services. Everyone's hair pulls up a warm tone due to the underlining pigment.  A toner will cancel out those unwanted tones.  A toner will fade, so the recommended maintenance for this is 4 weeks.  This is highly recommended and I also offer a Tone, Treat and Style service to revamp your look in between full services.  The Tone, Treat and Style is great for Balayage.

What if I have gray I want to cover and want highlighting. What do I book for?

This is one of my favorite services because highlights will give you dimension, but it will also blend the gray more as it grows out.  You will find this service under Color + Highlight.  Then chose which highlight service you are wanting: mini, partial or full.

I am a brunette, but want to go blonde. How do I do this?

This will take MANY sessions, so be patient! This is what is called a color correction.  This will give us plenty of time to start the process correctly.  Depending on your color now you will have to go to light brown, to copper, to golden dark blonde, then hopefully light blonde. To keep the integrity of your hair with the least amount of damage possible I would plan on at least 4 sessions to get this result. Please book for a Color Correction

What is the difference between highlights, balayage, and babylights?

Highlights - This blonding service is used with foils.  Highlights are from the root. They range from fine, medium to chucky.

Balayage - This is a more natural looking blonding service using either your natural root color, shadow root, or root tap. Sometimes this is paired with babylights depending to your desired look.

Babylights - These are extremely fine highlights from the root to break up your natural or base color.

What is difference between a mini, partial, and full highlight?

Mini Highlight - this is a sun-kissed look. Adding a few highlights around your hairline and part line.

Partial Highlight- this is the top part of you head including the sides, top and crown.

Full Highlight - This is the entire head.

I am a blonde but want to be a brunette.  What do I book for?

This would be a color correction to give us the time we need to do this properly.  We will use what we call a filler to add in tones your hair needs to hold on to your final color.  This will ensure your color lasts! Please book for a Color Correction

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